Summary of Reviews

Our review sees a potentially big future for the newcomer to change the game. We like the idea and see the potential in this business model. What are others saying about the site? Below is a summary of the reviews of

Jeff Battersby at MacWorld says that it is the best personal financial tool that he has used.

Bloomberg tells us that most believe asset management is a face-to-face business. Personal Capital thinks there is another way.

Tom Anderson has a positive review for Forbes. Anderson says that he initially rolled his eyes, “But Harris, a former CEO of Intuit and PayPal, changed my mind during an hour-long interview this week. He has a good sense of what retiring baby boomers want from the marketplace.”

Rafe Needleman has another positive review for CNET. He says, “‘I’m not sure I’d wade into it if I wasn’t seriously considering hiring an investment adviser; but if I was, as a technological consumer I’d probably be more comfortable with this Web-mediated relationship than with a lower-tech solution.”

Tara Siegel Bernard has a more skeptical review in the NY Times Bucks Blog. Her thoughts are summarized as, “For a little more money, you can probably find a certified financial planner who will not only manage your investments, but also help you evaluate your homeowners insurance policy, for instance.” A lot of good comments from readers as well at the end of her article.


Let me know if you see other reviews that should be added to the list.

The tone is generally optimistic. It is easy to see that this is the way forward in the financial advisory space. If you are looking for free financial planning, free investment tracking, and free expense tracking with an option to purchase additional investment management services, then join Personal Capital.


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