HP 17BII: Buy The Ultimate Financial Calculator For The Finance Professional

Every finance professional carries a calculator through the day. Normally simple addition is all that is needed, however when the deal team is gathered in a conference room and the lead banker is demanding answers, you will be glad that you have the HP 17BII, the ultimate financial calculator for the finance professional. The power of the HP 17BII demands that you study its functions in order to be able to use it well, but after mastery, you will not be disappointed. The comprehensive functionality means that you will not get stuck in complex deal matters. This calculator allows you to enter a formula and set variables to enter and then solve for a missing variable, effectively solving algebraic problems for you.

The real beauty of this calculator lies in the easy to use menu that is displayed on the screen. After some practice with the great user guide provided by HP, you will be able to handle functions like Net Present Value, Loan Payments, and Interest Rates.

This is not a calculator for the novice. Rather it is designed for practitioners of finance, but can be used by anyone looking to do-it-yourself. It is fast and technical. You will struggle to find a problem that it cannot solve either by using the built-in functions or through programming on your own.

Here are the specifics:

Standard algebraic entry methodology

Performs more than 250 business and statistical functions including loan payments, amortization, interest rates and conversion, internal rate of return, net present value, bond price and yield, depreciation, and percentages.

Instruction booklet clearly walks the user through sample calculations and usages.

8,000 bytes of RAM.

Two line display screen that shows menu options as you calculate, which means great complexity in calculations.

The 17BII is fast and rugged and I haven’t yet found something I can’t solve either through the built in functions or by programming it.

Durable frame.

Tactile entry that clearly allows you to feel that you pressed a button.

This calculator is not accepted on the CFA exam.

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HP 17BII Financial Calculator


MattHP 17BII: Buy The Ultimate Financial Calculator For The Finance Professional